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Monday December 28, 2009. 22:01
Odd Invoices...


Maybe it's cause it's getting late (hmm, not really), or maybe I'm just odd (probably), but I couldn't help laugh to myself while looking over an invoice from Princess Auto a few weeks back. Here is the list, as it appears on the invoice:

-Tee Female Pipe
-Nipple Close
-Bushing (again)
-Gauge Back Mount
-Tarp 10x12

Normally I try to keep my blog as family friendly as possible, but come on, that's a funny list (if you're odd like me).

And if you look at this list and don't laugh, or assume I'm making changes to the air line in my garage, disregard this entry all together. (The tarp is just cause I needed one).


Posted By: Trevor

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Wednesday November 25, 2009. 09:09
Take Caution!


When your feeling parched, the large bottle of clear hand sanitizer sitting beside you on your desk can look, through your peripherals, like a bottle of drinking water. Don't be fooled though, it doesn't taste like it...


Posted By: Trevor

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Thursday November 19, 2009. 19:38
It's All Gravy, Baby


Well, I'm done my final EMR exam (gulp). I think I did good? This is the part where I anxiously await my final mark. Oh, the stress!


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Tuesday September 8, 2009. 09:02
The End of Summer & Beyond!


How has your summer been? Was it everything you hoped for? Mine was pretty good, pretty productive. Since my weekend in Jasper with Travis, I enjoyed watching The Proclaimers play in Edmonton, spent a week canoeing with Camp Alexo, and ended July (started August) with a busy weekend helping Troy (my brother) move to Calgary, celebrating Nichole's 2nd Birthday at Discovery Canyon, and covering my muddy yard with sod on the holiday Monday.

In August, I was able to hit Calaway Park for a second time this year (I think the second time in about 10 years!) with Alexo staff and volunteers, spent a weekend shingling my Mom's roof, took in my 1st golf game this summer (in Sylvan Lake) with Mandi's work, and ended the summer with a relaxing weekend including Golfing in Olds with Bruce on Sunday, and watching the Eskimos let the Stampeders catch them in the standings with a loss in Calgary yesterday.

On top of that, I managed to get a deck built for my tenants and do some maintenance on both yards, to put me pretty much where I hoped to be at this point.

Did I forget something? hmmm.

Now I'm looking forward to spending next weekend in Vancouver (visit some friends & take in some Great Big Sea), and getting going on my EMR & EMT courses this fall & winter.

Here's to the 3rd period of 2009. Hang on, here we go!


Posted By: Trevor

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Wednesday July 8, 2009. 08:22
My Weekend In Jasper


Well, it's a little tough to get back into the real world, I won't lie. Not that Jasper isn't in the real world, but you know what I mean.

Friday right after work I headed out to meet Travis in Jasper at the Whistler's Mountain HI for a weekend of hiking and sight seeing. We spent the night in the very full hostel before starting out on what we had planned to be a 27.4km hike over 2 days (Saturday Night Lake Loop). After a couple hours of hiking and planning, we decided that we'd love to see more of Jasper, so we decided to shorten our hike by a few K, and stopped about 11Km in at Minnow Lake. Where we were welcomed warmly by a moose and one of her young, and then by Howie (another hiker), who we crossed paths with a few times this hike. We stayed the night there before enjoying our mostly downhill hike out Sunday morning.

Once back in town, we reserved a spot at the Whistler's Mountain Camp Ground (site 4E), got Travis's car from the Hostel parking lot up the hill, and got into the shower house 2 min before they closed them for cleaning. I think they smelled us coming, so they let us in and waited for us to finish. We then commenced our afternoon plans. The plans were to check out the Tram up Whistler's Mountain, Walk around Jasper and take some pictures, and then spend a couple hours at the Miette Hot Springs. We successfully made it up the Tram by 15:18.

At the top of the Tram, we took a few pictures, had a late lunch, and started thinking about our decent, when it was announced that due to a thunder storm in the area, the trams were on temporarily out of service. The lady that appeared to be in charge was very helpful, offering free non alcoholic beverages, free decks of cards, and eventually free soup and sandwiches. So, Travis and I hung out in the cafe playing cards, taking photos, and trying to keep ourselves entertained, all the while trying to curb the urge to keep eating (at least I had to, Travis seems to have a will of steel when it comes to food). I think we were both thankful to have our BlackBerrys.

One of the things Travis's BB taught us is that the
"Jasper Tramway is the longest and highest guided aerial tramway in Canada..." (From "www.jaspertramway.com")

This surprised me, until I learnt from "www.coloradoskihistory.com" that
"The tram resembles, in concept, a funicular: two cars - one goes up the other comes down, and then they reverse direction. The system stops for loading. The gondola is more like a detachable chair: multiple cars, continually running in the some direction, separating from the main cable for loading."

Don't say you never learnt anything from bassdrum.ca!

They did manage to let a couple trams run between lightning flashes, but we remained stranded until the storm was completely passed, getting to the bottom just after 21:00. That left us just enough time to fly (drive really fast) through Jasper to the Hot Springs, where we relaxed for half an hour before they closed.

We made it back to the campground sometime close to midnight, set up our tents, and settled in for the night.

I think our neighbours thought us strange as we packed up camp first thing in the morning, showered and headed out. I'd say we thoroughly enjoyed the campground. I realized after leaving and looking at the map they gave us just how massive the campground really is. Travis was more interested in getting home earlier rather than stopping for breakfast, so he headed out and I enjoyed a brief meal at the Petro Canada before hitting the road to home.

And thus ends our weekend in Jasper. Check out the photos.


Posted By: Trevor

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Monday March 30, 2009. 08:17
March, and the "lion & the lamb" thing...


So how was your March? I think the lion ate the lamb in mine. If I had to pick, I'd say it came in like a lamb and out like a lion. Over the last few weeks, a few things have happened that need to be or have been dealt with. Here's the latest...

We just found out that Nichole, my 20 month old baby, is very far sighted. Which means she needs glasses. That doesn't bother me too much, I'm just not looking forward to trying to get her to keep them on. That explains all the running into walls. Now we just have to find a pair that we like. Also a challenge.

Hanna (my 2002 Civic) was having a rough time getting going, and it turned out she needed a new clutch. I was thankful that Kirk's Tire was able to crush Honda Red Deer's repair estimate, and now she's back running like herself again, in fact sometimes a little too jumpy, until I get used to her new parts! That got me car pooling for a few days last week, but I knew it was coming sooner or later. I suppose 225,000 km's on a clutch is acceptable.

And my dishwasher! OK, so a few weeks ago we noticed some gunk in front of the dishwasher. No biggy, clean it up and assume something was spilled. But when it appears the same way in the place again shortly after, I began to get a bit concerned. I pulled it out to have a look, and I was presented with a nice puddle of dirty dish water. I checked connections, and although things weren't as snug as I thought they should have been, I noticed some gunk on the main motor ring underneath. At the time, I didn't know what it was called, so I described it to the repair guy as "the big ring on the bottom". Apparently, after his first visit almost 2 weeks ago, it was the drain pump that was leaking. OK, he's the expert, he must know. After a week and a day, (this past Friday), he was back with the part. Everything replaced and installed and ready to go, and water was still leaking - from the big ring on the bottom! So, now he's ordering a seal for that, and maybe next weekend we can use the dishwasher again. looking forward to it. Anyone want to come over and do dishes?


Posted By: Trevor

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Wednesday February 18, 2009. 08:49
2009 Jump Start


Wow, that went quick!

Christmas was good, time well spent with family, and the new year started busy, but normal. In fact, I didn't even see midnight this New Years Eve. January went by very fast, as I worked like crazy trying to get things done on my new home, and the month ended as I started my week on board Ships & Dip V From Miami through the Caribbean.

It was an awesome time of concerts and a great opportunity to hang out with friends from last year, and meet so many more amazing people. Spending my day in Cozumel SCUBA diving wasn't as worth it as everyone said, very similar to the Bahamas & Costa Rica, and even Australia for that matter, but it was a cool experience, and of course nice to add another country to my dive log.

Our stop in the Bahamas at Great Stirrup Cay was cancelled due to weather, so instead we made port at Florida's Key West. I spent the day there touring the town, and it was nice to just hang out, but the weather wasn't very nice (sunny, but chilly) so it didn't have the full Caribbean effect. The evening on board was a lot of fun, spent a lot of time in the hot tub, then mostly inside due to the temperature. But the bands played all night, and we kept the boat rockin' (might have been mostly the weather, but I think we had some impact!) and before we knew it we found ourselves back in Miami and parting ways.

I decided due to the cool temp's in Florida, as well as a few other things, that it would be better to change my flight and get home to finish my house. So Friday night I was back in Alberta (it really didn't feel that much colder!) and the following weekend (last weekend) I moved into my new, almost finished (arrghh) home. This morning I called around trying to get trades in to finish their jobs!

So, hopefully unpacking and setting up the house goes quickly, and I can enjoy some long awaited relax time, before I take on another silly project.

What else, did I forget something? Hmm, oh ya, photos to follow soon! I'll also post some videos on facebook & youtube when I have enough time!

Let me know if I missed something!! Talk to ya soon.


Posted By: Trevor

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