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Tuesday February 15, 2011. 15:19
Mutiny On The Dawn


Well, it was another fine party in the Caribbean this year.  It was a blast.  I will admit I am happy to be home, however the 5 days aboard the Norwegian Dawn with a long list of great performers went entirely too quick.

This year of course I had a great time at the many Great Big Sea & Barenaked Ladies shows, including some of the solo and off shoot bands like Sean’s amazing “solo” performance, which included a handful of guests and relatives, Bob’s hilarious and informative book reading session, and other’s such as Thin Buckle (BNL’s Kevin Hearn’s band) & Brothers Creeggan (Jim & Andy’s group).

I was thrilled that Boothby Graffoe was back for another bout on the boat (super funny man), and was very happy to include some bands I haven’t heard much, or at all before, in the chaotic SND schedule.  Some of these include Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers, Mike Evans (both I’ve seen in passing previously), Ben Kweller, Jenn Grant, Jason Plumb, and a few others.  Also, I never realized how entertaining Jonny Z was simply hosting Karaoke.  His show closed off a couple of my nights (mornings) on board.

On top of it all, I was still able to enjoy watching Greenbay win the Super Bowl, spend some relaxing time in the pools and hot tubs, and enjoy a couple days ashore in Mexico zipplining in Costa Maya and swimming at Margaretville’s beach patio in Cozumel.  And, of course, I made time to stop at Mega in Cozumel for a bottle of delicious Cajeta (sweet goat’s milk) to bring home.  Yummy.

One of the cool things that happened this year was the recording of Alan’s (GBS’s) cruise song “Mutiny On The Dawn”.  Part of it is here to download, and Linda caught it all on video here.

And while looking up cruise stuff,   I came across some interesting tidbits, which I decided to share AFTER my cruise, for obvious reasons.

While becoming better acquainted with the boat I would be sailing in, I found this bit of History regarding the Norwegian Dawn.

I noticed this one after the cruise, and it interested me mainly because Belize was one of our original port of calls: Belize Robbery

This one made Sixthman’s decision not to tender in Belize, but instead port in Cozumel more acceptable for me: Belize Tender Issues

Anyway, that’s the rundown of my week away.  If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.  I’ll post the pics when I get a chance.  I just have to pick my fav’s out of the many thousand that ended up on my camera.  I’m sure you’ll appreciate that.  J


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Wednesday February 2, 2011. 18:16
Out In A Boat


Ok, what do Great Big Sea, The Barenaked Ladies, Guster, Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, Boothby Graffoe, The Odds and myself, Trevor Bollinger, all have in common?

We will all be cruising the Caribbean next week (Feb 6-11) on board the Norwegian Dawn during Ships N Dip 4!  Yeah, I'm a bit excited.  So you should be glad that I booked so late, so you only have to listen to me go on about it for such a short time.

The plan is to catch a Continental flight out of Calgary Saturday afternoon, spend the night in Miami, and hop aboard the Dawn Sunday afternoon.  I'll enjoy the music, the food, a couple stops in Mexico, hopefully the weather, and be back in Miami for my late flight home Friday Feb 11.  During this time, I will very much miss Nichole & I'll miss my sleep (that's not allowed on the cruise), and it makes me happy that I won't miss any hockey (this trip is sandwiched beautifully between 2 games), ...what else...?  ya, ya, of course I will miss you all, too!.  Now I'm sure the week will go too quick, but I know that when the last night is over, and they are scooting us off the boat, my 18:09 Delta fight home won't be able to come soon enough.

You never know what's gunna happen on the cruise-ah!  (But there will be photographic proof of it all, I promise!


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