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Wednesday February 2, 2011. 18:16
Out In A Boat


Ok, what do Great Big Sea, The Barenaked Ladies, Guster, Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, Boothby Graffoe, The Odds and myself, Trevor Bollinger, all have in common?

We will all be cruising the Caribbean next week (Feb 6-11) on board the Norwegian Dawn during Ships N Dip 4!  Yeah, I'm a bit excited.  So you should be glad that I booked so late, so you only have to listen to me go on about it for such a short time.

The plan is to catch a Continental flight out of Calgary Saturday afternoon, spend the night in Miami, and hop aboard the Dawn Sunday afternoon.  I'll enjoy the music, the food, a couple stops in Mexico, hopefully the weather, and be back in Miami for my late flight home Friday Feb 11.  During this time, I will very much miss Nichole & I'll miss my sleep (that's not allowed on the cruise), and it makes me happy that I won't miss any hockey (this trip is sandwiched beautifully between 2 games), ...what else...?  ya, ya, of course I will miss you all, too!.  Now I'm sure the week will go too quick, but I know that when the last night is over, and they are scooting us off the boat, my 18:09 Delta fight home won't be able to come soon enough.

You never know what's gunna happen on the cruise-ah!  (But there will be photographic proof of it all, I promise!


Posted By: Trevor



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