Thanks For Emailing Us!
You Make Our Trip Worth It!


FROM: James & Laurel
SENT: Sun 06/10/08 10:48 PM
We met you guy's this morning (08-Oct-2006) in Revere Massachusetts (USA) at the IHOP. We sat at the table beside you an just wanted to log an entry here wishing you well and to tell you guy's that we really enjoyed our brief little time that we spent (sort of) together. :)
You guy's were cool... stay that way!
James & Laurel

FROM: A.I. Rassi
SUBJECT: From: Your favorite Rassy's Pizza
SENT: Fri 06/10/06 1:09 AM
Hey guys this is Allan Rassi, i hope you have enjoyed your pizzas and here i am sending you the pics of the you eating the biggest slice in the Maritime, the winner since 1999.

Have a good trip.


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