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Thursday September 23, 2010. 18:30
your site


Your site is fairly easy to figure out and navigate in. Many are confusing. The sites you created are excellent for simplicity. When I first loaded your site onto my computer,it was like loading a ton of grain into a bin with a straw. (It took awhile.) The cause could be the slowness of this computer, but maybe some problem on your end. Maybe you should ask your friends how long it takes for them. I was really worried when I went to 'links' and then hit 'blogger.com'because I landed immediately into my blog, even with access for editing! Then I had Terry try this from the other computer. From there, thankfully, the same permissions were not allowed. I was worried that maybe anyone might be able to access my blog to tweak it just by virtue of you putting a link pointing to my blog or something like that? But (correct me if I'm wrong) this link just links into whatever blog might be open in the computer that is viewing your stuff. Is that right? Oh, and your writing skills are better than what I imagined they would be (pretty grammatical,not that I thought you were an ignoramus.)


Posted By: m h gaboury



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