The Unfinished Story

[01.10.03] "You know, Sizzle, I'm getting bored of this Life." Athalon told her pet dragon. "I don't think any prince is gunna find us up here. We've been living here alone for almost a year now. I'm beginning to think it's worth leaving the castle and losing my status as princess." Sizzle gave her a sad look. Princess Athalon was the last of her family, after the invasion of the Camites almost a year ago. Because of the castles powers, it was unable to be destroyed. The royal family was also under the same protection when in the palace, but only Athalon stayed when the fighting began. Unfortunately, one of the Camite magicians cast a spell on the castle, hiding it high above Xircom, on a wild storm cloud. If Athalon left the castle without a suitor, she would never be recognized. She would lose her royal status, and would not be able to carry on her family line. If she hadn't promised her father this on his deathbed, she would have given it all up for human companionship. But she knew she couldn't break that promise. She could only hope that some day, a prince (for she could only marry a prince) would brave the vicious storm, and rescue her from her solitude, and carry on her family name.
[01.10.14] Athalon new that she was in for a wait. First of all, the prince that finds her only can if the source of Life shows him the way. She isn't even sure what the source of Life is. Then, only a Prince who leaves his foreign land can be the one. Who would leave his kingdom to come to Xircom? But apparently he doesn't know he's a prince, because he doesn't know his father is the mighty King. "I really hope this is worth the wait" she told Sizzle, as she fell asleep on the rug by the castle fire.
[01.10.30] Sizzle waited until Athalon was sound asleep, which didn't take very long, before he quietly got up and headed toward the castle gates. Although he never showed it, he was just as anxious as she was to get off this cloud, maybe even more so. He knew all the details of the spell, many that she didn't.

[01.10.31] Sizzle was once the most feared creature on Xircom, known to everyone as the "Serpent of Death". He wasn't really all that bad. Know one realized that the only people that he attacked were those that threatened Xircom, that put the whole circle of existence at risk. Great magicians would become lunch for sizzle because they sought the source of Life, threatening Life itself. Warriors would become burning suites of armor because they set out to harm the royal family, to take control of the throne, which also would upset the delicate balance of Life in Xircom. And then there were those who figured Sizzle himself was a threat and should be destroyed. They made fine meals, and entertainment as well. A good hunt was great, but nothing beat a battle with a worthy (but foolish) knight. So that was what he was, the great protector of Xircom. Then it happened. He knew it was coming, it was prophesized by many Ciceros. The invasion of the Camites, the oppressors of Life. And he was ready for them. He was all set to toast them all and devour them as he was hungry. This was gunna be fun!  But that wasn't the plan. Sizzle was well tuned with Life, and was able to easily understand what the Source of Life instructed of him. And the instructions he received made his heart sink. He was to lose mass. He was to become a mere lizard. He was to befriend a princess named Athalon and protect her without anyone knowing. He was to allow the Camites to invade, and nearly wipe out the Xircom way of Life. Nearly. But he know there was a larger plan. Xircom does not exist on it's own. It was part of a huge universe of worlds and systems, all a part of Life itself. This invasion was necessary to fulfill a major part of Life's greater plan. "It better be a darn important part" Sizzle thought, cause he was doing everything against his own will. So he did what he was supposed to do, and because of this he missed all of the action. All he knew was what he saw; one by one the royal family left the palace for war, and not one returned. Because only royalty could lead Xircom's army, eventually only Athalon, the youngest princess, was left. At age 16, it was Athalon's turn to lead Xircom's defense.

[02.11.29] Everything had gone horribly wrong. He knew what he had done. He knew he did the worst thing a man could do. And now he was here. Was this Hell? It sure didn't seem like it. It seemed like heaven in fact. But, after what he'd done, he knew that wasn't possible. Plus, he was hungry. he didn't know were he was, or why we was there, but he knew he was hungry. And it was getting dark. The suns were setting behind the trees. "Suns?" He said aloud. Now he was sure he wasn't on earth. There were two suns, the larger one a ? of the way behind the trees, and the smaller one in full view up and to the left, just a thumbs width from the first. And they were setting fast. In a matter of minutes, both were out of sight, and it was dark. And he was scared. He was in a clearing by a river. He figured he was in a valley, with trees in a semi-circle to what must be the west (where the suns set) going North and South around him, meeting the river about a km in each direction, which also made a semi-circle around him on the west side. Across the river, from what he could remember, was a large hill, covered in grass, with forest lining the top. He could just barely make out the only disturbance to the flat grassy field he was in the middle of. Just between him and the river was a group of three boulders, in a triangle. A little trickle of water came out of the ground between them and wandered to the river. "I'll sleep there till it gets light out", he murmured. "I just hope my stomach doesn't keep me up all night." But that wasn't his real fear. He was alone. He didn't know where he was, or what was hiding in the trees in the dark, as hungry as himself. He curled up between two of the rocks and the spring, trying to keep his feet out of the water, and watched the river from between the boulders. He quickly fell asleep.

* * * * *

When he opened his eyes, the large sun was just shining in above the boulders. He had no idea of the time, because the hill kept the glade shaded until the sun was very high. He turned to the water to have a drink, hoping it was clean, and he jumped so fast from what he saw that he tripped back and bashed his head on the rock. When he came to, something was licking his face. He kept his eye's closed, playing dead. He knew that it was the creature that he jumped from, but he didn't really get a good look. Than he thought he heard a voice. "Namuh." it said, in a soft, deep voice. "Open your eyes." He slowly obeyed. Standing in front of him was the animal. And he was embarrassed. He was glad no one was around to see. It was a little donkey, a very young one, too. He looked around to see who spoke to him. Than it occurred to him that he hadn't actually heard anything. He just thought it. "Weird" he said quietly. The donkey made a funny noise at him, and turned and started to walk away. The man thought about what just happened, and was deeply confused. "Is that my name, Namuh?", He thought. "I can't remember!" Well, he figured because he thought that to himself, it must be. The day was bright, and the two suns were in full view now, and the trees in the west looked more amazing than frightening, and the donkey was headed that way as well. "Well, no better place to look for food then there" He said to himself. The donkey had stopped and looked back about half way to the tree line. "I'm coming, I'm coming." Namuh shouted to his new companion. He hurried after, feeling the hunger pains itch.

He spent the next few days exploring the area with the donkey, looking for food and shelter, and trying to find a reason for being there. On his third night, as the suns were racing to the horizon, he found himself back in the glade he started in. He sat on the largest boulder eating some fruit, and found himself really starting to question what was happening. Then it was dark, and he lay down between the rocks once again, across the stream from the donkey, and went to sleep.

* * * * *

He found himself wide awake. He could tell he had been sleeping for sometime, and it was very bright now. He looked out between the rocks, and saw blackness. It was the middle of the night still, so why was it so bright around the rocks. He looked to see the donkey, but he was gone. Instead, that is where the brilliant light seemed to be coming from. A man, cloaked in a white gown, glowing as bright as the sun, and impossible to look at directly stood there. "NAMUH," He said. "YOU HAVE DONE MUCH WRONG. BUT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WAS NECESSARY. THE FUTURE OF MANKIND RELIED ON THE OUTCOME OF YOUR ACTIONS. BUT IT WAS WRONG, NONE THE LESS. YOU HAVE MUCH TO FIGURE OUT, BUT I HAVE FOUND YOU A COMPANION FOR YOUR JOURNEY. YOU HAVE MUCH TO DO. LIFE RELIES ON YOU ONCE AGAIN. YOU HAVEN'T MUCH TIME. WHEN YOU AWAKE, YOU MUST GO AND DO MY WILL. I WILL SPEAK WITH YOU AGAIN WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT. GO."

[03.06.04] Athalon jolted awake, trembling, sizzle looked quickly at her, ready to defend her, but didn't get up. They both new it. She had the dream again. It was, on the whole, a wonderful dream. Her prince, riding a dazzling dragon (causing sizzle a twinge of jealousy), rose up out of the storm and rocketed in towards the castle gates. He dismounts in mid air, leaping right into her arms, knocking them both into the soft cloudy ground in a romantic embrace. Than it always turns nightmarish. Like a mixture of horrid scenes flashing between lightning and thunder. Images of a fiery manlike creature, with two red horns coming from his forehead like a bull. Than, of men fighting like she's never seen. Than flashes of one man being beaten, whipped, tortured. And always, to finish it off, her Prince, her bringer of freedom and love, hanging dead from a tree. That's when she always wakes, with that awful vision burned into her consciousness, lasting the whole day, until she is able to sleep a dreamless rest the following night.



06.11.13, 23:33
A few years back, I had this idea for a story.  I decided to write it in the style of a blog on one of my earlier websites.  As you can see by the dates, this story was a very long-term project.  Unlike the "Party" story, this one was intended to make sense at it's completion.  I plan on editing it, and hopefully add to it (maybe finish it?).  Who knows.


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"You know, Sizzle, I'm getting bored of this Life." Athalon told her pet dragon. "I don't think any prince is gunna find us up here.
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