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Tuesday May 25, 2010. 14:38


WEDNESDAY APRIL 14, 2010 || Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

So here's the deal. Blogger decided to change the way they do things. Because I cheat, and use Blogger's services to post these notes, I had to learn the new system before I could do it properly. Sorry about the wait.

During that time, I was happy to take in a couple of shows. The first one, at the Jub in Edmonton, was BNL (with Joel Plaskett).

The fun of shows at the Jub. The signs all say "no cameras", but of course I always try, and they always let me in. This time, as usual, I got to the show, made sure the ticket taker was ok with my camera, bought a shirt, and proceeded to the doors. But, my ticket was for the far side. The grumpy guy on that side wouldn't allow cameras. So, I checked my camera at the counter, and made it in late to see Joel. I had no idea what he sang, so was pleasantly surprised when he sang "No Where With You". Great tune, but I think the main reason it caught my attention was the mention in it of taking the Dartmouth ferry, which I have also done lol. Gives us some kind of connection I think, no? Anyway, I at least bought the song.

Then, during intermission, I ran out to get my camera and managed to get in the "wrong doors", as climbing over a row of seats is more acceptable during half time (when they're empty) then mid show. I had a seat up front, which was good for pictures, but I still had to shoot from the hip without a flash to avoid being one of the many fans scolded by security. Wow, tough staff.

Now, I'll be totally honest here, I was a bit sceptical of the new BNL, as their latest album "All In Good Time" wasn't nearly as fun as previous records. But I was glad to be wrong. The show was great, very creative (as always) with the use of the stage. I was happy I went.

TUESDAY APRIL 20, 2010 || Edmonton Event Centre (WEM)

Next (most recently) was Cake at the EEC West Ed. Waited in line, walked in with my camera, Bought a T, and took a standing spot by the stage. I've never seen them before, so I was surprised when I saw the lead singer. Not the face I would've put on the voice. A little older. A lot different. They did an ok show, not very active, and not the sense of humor I expected from their music (kind of the opposite of my BNL expectations). Good music though. Other than that, a girl beside me passed out before the show started (it was 4-20, don't forget), and the band gave away a Prairie Magic Apple Tree. Odd, but all in all, definitely entertaining!


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