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Thursday July 21, 2011. 18:57
Please cancel subscription


Please would you cancel my son's subscription to your service with immediate effect.


Posted By: Nicole Rosendorff (danjosh@shaw.ca)




Hello Nicole,

You may want to read through the entry regarding premium messages. I am NOT associated in any way with companies that charge for premium messages, there fore, I have no control over cancelling your subscription or offering any type of refund.

Comment by Bassdrum.ca
on July 28, 2011, 14:11

Why Am I being charged for your premium messages we have no records of signing up. I want a link NOW! to stop this or a summons may be in order as to why these are being charged. Answers now, Thank You.

Comment by Ryan
on July 30, 2011, 14:47

Nicole, I need you to understand my frustration here. I will remove your personal info as requested, but I need you to confirm that you understand my position.

I am a private web designer with many years experience helping small and large companies with their mobile communications needs. I pride myself in being able to help people save as much money on their communications as honestly possible. I do nothing under the table, and people know me as someone to go to when they need help and advice.

So, I wrote an entry on the blog section on my personal website advising my friends and colleagues (a small local group that visit my personal website regularly) about premium messages and how to avoid them. I’ve noticed through my website visitor activity that many people across North America read the post, including some IP addresses I recognize as Telus Mobility customer care reps. I began to suspect that they were advising customers to contact me regarding their premium messages, as random messages began appearing similar to yours.

So here is the frustrating part!!

I would continually receive posts from people like yourself who accuse me of being behind these charges. Now, I understand that some Telus rep (who often can hardly speak English) has advised you (the readers) to contact bassdrum.ca for resolution, which the rep has obviously done nothing more than use Google to find my blog, but if you (the readers) would take a few minutes to actually read the posts on my site (ie: http://www.bassdrum.ca/v2/blogjournal.php?id=19) , you would understand that something here is out of place.

I wrote this blog to try and help people, and all I get in return is accusations that I am the one responsible!

So, reader after reader, I replied urging for information on how readers like yourself found my website, but no one would ever respond. So I decided that I would be more aggressive in my attempts for answers, very similar to how you pursued answers to your questions (the way I see it). I was in no way threatening you, however I was serious that if I didn’t get a response I would attempt to contact you via phone in order to get to the bottom of this. You may feel that you innocently came to my website demanding answers because Telus told you to, but if they sent you to a similar post on the SUN’s webpage, would you accuse them as well? It is all of our responsibility to use our own minds and make our own educated decisions, so if we do wrong based on someone’s misinformation, that is our responsibility, we can blame no one else but ourselves. Making poor decisions seems to be what got you (the readers) into this mess in the first place (by trusting an unknown web based company with your phone number without reading the fine print). And if you feel like the last line doesn’t apply to you, I know first hand that you gave your email address out to an unknown source, in fact the source you mistakenly believed to be the one who tricked you in the first place!

So, if I believe you understand my point here based on your response, I will gladly remove your personal information from my site.

And please understand, one small bug can be shoed away in with a swish of a tail, but many small bugs can cause a heard to stampede. I’m about at the end of my tail swishing, if you get my meaning. (mostly meaning I’m not as annoyed at you specifically as I may seem to be).

I really hope you can see this issue from all angles, and understand my frustration. All I was trying to do was be helpful.


Comment by www.bassdrum,ca
on August 2, 2011, 23:41

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