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Friday February 9, 2007. 01:44
Smokin' Aces & The Red Deer Rebels


Tonight I saw the movie "Smokin' Aces" with Kelsie and Jordan from work, courtesy of Bell Mobility.  The free movie was the enticer to get us to Calgary for training on Wireless Number Portability.  If you wanna know what it means, ask me.  Anyway, the movie didn't lack the action and the blood, but I think someone was in a dark mood when they wrote it.  I think a comedy is about due in the very near future.  I won't be buying that one, I tell you that much.  But, I did enjoy watching the Rebels win a game (in over time, but still a win!) on Tuesday.  I was able to catch up with Blake at the game, and then again last night for wings at Bo's.  I hope the Rebels can make it a winning streak tomorrow night.  I'll find out when I'm there, I guess!  Well, that's that for tonight, keep your stick on the ice!


Posted By: Trevor

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