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Wednesday February 14, 2007. 01:32
Children Of Men, And An Unfinished House


Went and saw another movie... last night? Ya, last night. Checked out 'Children Of Men'. It was cheap night, and I really wanted to see it. It started off really good. Like, the theatre was so dead because of the weather that I got in free. That part was really good. The movie itself? I enjoyed it, I shed a tear. What did I think? I'm still waiting for my idea of a happy ending, I'll tell you that much. It was worth seeing though. Oh ya, it was free. Never mind.
And I haven't updated you on my new house situation lately. You can probably tell by my enthusiasm that the builder has decided to give me a couple extra weeks to decide if I want to build with him again next time or not. How thoughtful. So, instead of the very lovely contract date of the 15th (this week), I get to enjoy moving on the lovely date (not very lovely, just lovely) of, maybe the 1st of March. We'll see. Ya, the enthusiasm. Anyway, have a good night (morning?)!!

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Posted By: Trevor

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