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Monday February 19, 2007. 01:52
Wall Climbing, 2 For 1 Appetizers, & 'Eragon'


Travis & I spent time on the climbing wall at Collicut yesterday, with Tara cheering us on. We then enjoyed Applebees Sunday evening special; 2 For 1 Appetizers. After filling up on mostly fried food, I decided to head over to Carnival for a cheap flick. This time, I saw the movie Eragon. I just realized typing that name, that it's only one letter away from being Dragon. Interesting lol. Finally a movie with a 'happily ever after' ending, although of course leaving room for a sequel. My kinda movie. All in all, it was a good full day. Back at the wall again later today! Aight, I'm hittin' the mattress.


Posted By: Trevor

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