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Thursday March 1, 2007. 01:02
Red Deer Rebels vs Lethbridge Hurricanes, Feb 27th


So, on Tuesday night, the Rebels played the Hurricanes, and Mandi went with me to watch the game. In other news... (ya, you get it) no more soon-to-be new home!! As of today (later on, when normal people are awake) I will be given the keys to my new home. I officially own 6075 Orr Drive (co-own, with Mandi). Finally! Now, I love living at my Mom's house, but Trouble and Gizmo are ready to have a whole house again. This one room accommodation set up (cat litter and food at the foot of my bed!) will end with a sigh of comfort. On a note of truth, though, I really don't think the cats care one way or another. They're happy regardless. But I did spend the evening looking around my finished home, setting up appliances and trying to decided what goes where, AND trying to guess which nook or counter the cats will like the most. I'm curious to see Gizmo try to get onto the fridge! (*shudder!). So, seeing as I'll be moving tonight, and I work in 7 hours and 45 minutes (up in 6 and 45), I better sign off, change the litter, and get to bed. Have a great night, see you in my new home!!


Posted By: Trevor

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