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Tuesday March 6, 2007. 22:03
New Home, New Flu


So we're all moved in (other than a car load or two) and now we live among boxes. It's really hard to make a dent in the unpacking project, especially when one is bedridden by a cold/flu. Sucky. So, among the days partially at work, partially in bed, the days totally in bed, and the couple of days thrown in where I partially helped Mandi and my Mom move Mandi's and my stuff into Mandi's & my house (on the weekend) it seems like a long process just to get the boxes here. If it wasn't for Travis' help Friday evening, and Heidi & Tara Sunday afternoon, I think things could've been ugly. Thanks for all your help, and thanks Mom and Mandi for doing most of the work while I worked on breathing. Now, we're in, and today we got Internet (woohoo!) and things are starting to get put where they need to be. And I'm still sick, but I think I've used up all my sick days. So, to work tomorrow!! Until next time, drink plenty of liquids and get plenty of rest. Peace, I'm out!


Posted By: Trevor

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