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Thursday March 22, 2007. 22:32
Lake Louise, Then The Oilers


Friday night (the 16th) Mandi & I Headed west to Lake Louise For some fun in the snow. We stayed Friday and Saturday nights at the Drake Inn in Canmore. We skied on Saturday, and took in Canmore on Sunday, then came home. Then, Monday evening we headed north to Edmonton and enjoyed watching the Oilers play the Canucks. Didn't enjoy the outcome, but the game was fun. Owell, it's all good.
And, I finally got my new office desk (same as the old, just new!) and my new computer chair (not the same as the old) and got them both assembled. So assembled in fact, that I'm using them now! Things are coming along decently smooth.
And then Tuesday, I was forced to make a tough decision. I had to decide between buying "Eragon" or "Blood Diamond". So I made the decision the best way I know how. I scanned them both into the computer, checked the prices, and then I paid for them. I'm a sucker for new releases. Haven't watched them yet, though. Just finished "James Bond : Casino Royale" tonight. I've been busy unpacking, skiing, watching hockey, working, and of course last night was wing night. Can't mix up my priorities. (Argghh! My new chair doesn't roll so smoothly on the carpet. I should've bought that plastic chair mat thingy when I picked up my chair. Tomorrow.) So, now I'm blogging for the first time in over a week on a computer that hasn't been used for over 6 months at my new desk in my new chair in my new house. Giggity, giggity, giggity! I'm out, have a great night!

Skiing Lake Louise

Edmonton Oilers VS Vancouver Canucks


Posted By: Trevor

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