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Monday March 26, 2007. 00:42
Number 23, & Premonition


I was happy to spend a couple nights this weekend on the inside of movie theatres. Saturday night, after washing my car (so clean and silver), Mandi & I headed to Calgary for a nice meal at The Olive Garden (the waitress was so much fun, but Mandi's take-home meal not so much) and then a movie at Paramount Chinook. We decided to check out "Number 23", a movie I've been waiting to see. It was ok, good action and good humor thrown in. It seemed like they were really getting into how common this obsession is, But in the end, it didn't really show us much. Not sure what I think, but not a waste of time, at any rate. Plus I used free movie passes, courtesy of Bell Mobility.

Then, Last night (technically), Tara invited Mandi and me to "Premonition" at Red Deer's Park Plaza. Not my favorite place to watch a movie, but it turned out to be a pretty good flick. I'll try not to spoil it for ya, but I always get annoyed when producers forget about Time Travel Paradox (or the Butterfly Effect), and this time they didn't. I was entertained. The theatre, however, needs many more employees! Wow. Line up after line up. And all I wanted was my free popcorn and pop! Yes, I feel like this weekend had some well wasted time in front of the big screens.
And yes, I did get quite a lot done around the house, as did Mandi (starting to look like someone actually lives here now!) looking pretty good, I think. But, although I get to sleep in a bit, I still have to take out the rubbish and get ready for bed, so I think I'm gunna sign off here.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. In a few weeks, I get to head across the country to Montreal for an always fun Future Shop Vendor Fair! I do miss those. I guess I better touch up on my french! So, as they say in Quebec, Au Revoir!


Posted By: Trevor

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