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Tuesday April 10, 2007. 19:05
"Wild Hogs", Good. "Blades Of Glory", Not Too Sure


How was your Easter weekend? Mine was pretty good, thanks. I spent Friday at work, Saturday afternoon at home chillaxin (and yes, still unpacking and organizing). Then, Saturday evening, a few of us (Me, Mitch & Tara) met a few of them (Andrew & Co.) at Lacombe's Reel To Reel Cinemas to enjoy? the movie Blades Of Glory. Ok, it was funny, I laughed. It met the standards that the trailers set in my mind. It maybe could have waited for cheap night though. After that we hung out at BP's to munch on some grindage. Sunday morning I took in a good service at CrossRoads before heading to the farm with Mandi for the family supper. It was really nice to spend the time with my family and have a chance to visit. Apparently we're playing paintball for Duane's Stag party. Lookin forward to that! After supper and chit-chat, I decided to take in a last minute late show at Park Plaza. I enjoyed (very much) "Wild Hogs", and I think I'll probably buy it. Really good laugh.

AND!!! (I'm looking forward to this...) only 11 days til Montreal! Ya. Anyway, tonight will be supper and "Charlotte's Web". Have a great evening!


Posted By: Trevor

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