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Friday May 4, 2007. 23:28
Sneak Preview: Spiderman 3


Thursday night, our store (Future Shop Red Deer) joined up with the staff at Park Plaza to enjoy the privilege of enjoying a midnight viewing of "Spiderman 3". Now, I'm assuming if you really wanted to see it, you'ld have seen it by the time you read this (ok, ok, maybe you just haven't had the chance yet - If you REALLY, REALLY wanted to see it) so it should be okay for me to tell you that Spider Man dies. Just kidding. But seriously. Ha, I guess you'll have to see it for yourself. Any way, it was really good, as expected, but it did have a couple of hot movies to show up (the first 2), so the awesomeness-to-hype ratio wasn't as high as the others. Fun night, very little sleep though. So, because my cousin is getting hitched tomorrow, and I've been running on extremely little sleep the last few nights, I think I'm about ready to retire. Hope you enjoyed my blog, have a great night!


Posted By: Trevor

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