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Monday June 11, 2007. 20:43
June 10th's Game Against The Master Batters


Although the score didn't show it, this game was a technical victory. We had to lend a few of our players to Boston Pizza's team, and then got to watch them score against us and put us out. Owell. I did feel we played much better this game. Much fun, I truly enjoyed it.

After the game, we (Alfred, Crystal, Tara & Mandi) headed to Fort Normandeau and hit the river in our little rafts. I enjoyed my first trip aboard my new 3 person tube! Very nice. We paddled really hard and caught up to the others (Blake, Chelsey, Dustin & Stephanie). But, due to the rain, the less tough of the group decided to disembark near Blake's place (which is near Crystal's place) along the river. Owell. The rest of us only pouted about it for a few minutes. Chelsey's hot tub & BBQ cheered us right up. Kinda like the river, just hotter. It was a late night, and I'm looking forward to my bed tonight, but it was fun. Very much worth it. Tomorrow... I don't know. But it's the day before my birthday, and almost 29 years and 9 months after my conception, so it must be special for some reason. Well, That's it for now. Check out the photos (click below). I hope you have the time of your life. Okay, good night.

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Posted By: Trevor

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