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Thursday June 21, 2007. 22:21
Down The Red Deer River - In A Hurry!


So first off I'd like to thank Travis for having a birthday on Wednesday. 27 now eh? Good excuse to inflate our rafts and head to the river! So, even though we were heavily warned about the dangers of the high water (or maybe because we were warned), we headed down stream from Hwy 2 to Mackenzie Trails. In half the normal time. Very nice! And even better still, we were met up by Kelly (Travis's future wife), Mandi, and Travis's family and friends for a wiener roast and a fun night. My apologies to those wing-nighters who went out and wondered where I was, but hey, it was Travis's birthday. Well, as you can see I started typing this at, hmm, 22:21, and now it's 23:23 (I'm easily distracted, I guess), so I think I'll leave you here. Have a good night :)

Check out the all the rafting pics here.


Posted By: Trevor

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