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Monday July 9, 2007. 18:56
It's Been A While, What's New...


A bit has happened since Travis's birthday. Let's see...

Movies I've seen (Ok, the first two I saw before Travis's birthday. I guess I forgot to write about them in my last blog):

Fantastic Four - Silver Surfer
: I always enjoy Marvel movie, this one is no exception. Not nearly as good as the first one, and I suppose not even as good as I hoped, but I'll have to buy it, my collection demands that I do. It's worth it. Mandi and I went to Uptown to see this one on cheapo night (July 3rd) but it was a better bargain then we planned! We got to the doors, asked the guy how much we missed, and his answer was, "about 5 minutes. But, tell you what, for 10... Ah, just go in." Can't beat that price. No movie pass to add to the collection, but a pass isn't worth $10, I don't think.

Knocked Up
: Soooo Funny! This one a few of us went to see on June 18th (Monday) at Uptown. I had a pretty good laugh. And, of course (if you know me well, you'll know this) hit home in a few ways. Not my personal story, but some parts I can relate too. This one is one to add to the collection, for sure!

: On Sunday June 17th, after going to Applebees with Amy, Tara & Mandi, the four of us went to Carnival to check out some other movie, but decided on this one instead. I really liked it, but I'm not much into cold blooded revenge, so I had to try really hard to see the good in certain parts of it. I'd recommend seeing it, but I don't think I'll buy it.

If my memory is at least as good as I hope it is, those are the only movies I've gone out to recently.

Other then that, Mandi & I spent the Canada Day long weekend in BC Camping with Travis & Kelly, wing nights have been fun, and I've been playing a lot of "ZELDA 2 -The Adventures Of Link" and "Super Mario Bros." on the Wii. Now it's food time, if I think of more, and Link doesn't distract me, I'll keep ya posted!


Posted By: Trevor

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